We at TIBCO are glad to welcome StreamBase Systems into the family as a powerful addition to our event processing portfolio. StreamBase extends and complements existing TIBCO technologies, and the two companies together will better address the rapidly expanding need to manage real-time big data. It’s an excellent extension of what we do and we’re excited about where this takes us.

Batch Won’t Do

It’s clear by now that we live in a world increasingly driven by ever-larger amounts of data. For many industries, like capital markets, that data moves as constant streams of information that don’t align with the common batch solutions (e.g. Hadoop) used for parallel processing of big data.

The inadequacy of batch solutions presents a real challenge as streaming data carries information about events, key occurrences that need to be discovered and acted upon in the moment they arrive. Events lose their relevancy quickly and real-time processing is the name of the game. While capital markets represent a very demanding use case, a broad set of industries are beginning to feel the need to manage other kinds of streaming data and its embedded events.

Great Timing

TIBCO has long believed that event processing is fundamental to solving big data challenges and their acquisition of StreamBase is a logical extension of that belief. StreamBase is focused on streaming-intensive capital markets and battle-tested in the rapid build-test-deploy of real-time applications, especially for streaming data. It’s the perfect complement to TIBCO’s long-held beliefs and adds a new edge in the ability to process big data in real-time.

Keep in mind that TIBCO’s first successes came in digitizing Wall Street, making this acquisition a coupling of similar domain expertise and technology that can be taken outside of capital markets and into the many verticals that TIBCO technology helps drive. The timing of this acquisition couldn’t be better.

Working with Streaming Data

So, why streaming in capital markets? Low-latency algorithmic trading is highly competitive and requires handling rules-driven scenarios, inferencing models and transactional events at very high speeds. Systems like StreamBase provide the tools to build the applications that can run and monitor trading, but also have fantastic applicability in retail, in industrial monitoring, and anywhere the generation of large amounts of data requires a powerful ability to consume that data.

At some point in the not-too-distant future, we’ll look back on the pre-streaming days as “old school” and wonder how we ever survived.

Source: Tibco blog