Scholt Energy Control has signed an order with Vitec to use the forecasting tool Aiolos. The tool will be used for forecasting Scholt’s Solar Power Plants in The Netherlands and in Belgium. With this deal Vitec enters a new market both geographically as well as technically since this is the first deal for Vitec in Belgium and the first related to forecasts of Solar Power.
Energy Suppliers with responsibility for power balance like Scholt and actors that produce, sell or purchase electricity there is a great need of forecasting tools. To have reliable forecasts on how much energy will be produced within the company’s solar power plants is as important as its electricity business.

Vitec has created qualified tools that can convert weather forecasts into detailed solar power forecasts.

  • Solar Power Forecasts are an important part of our daily tasks and we are in a constant need of fast and accurate forecasts. Aiolos meets our requirements and we believe that the tool will be a good support for decisions in our daily business says Sander Drissen, responsible for electricity business at Scholt.
  • We are very happy that Scholt has selected Aiolos to support their Solar Power Forecasts. As the expansion of solar energy in Europe increases, so does the need for good forecasting tools. The deal with Scholt also means that Vitec establishes itself I a new market which opens up for additional business says Jerker Vallbo, CEO of Vitec Energy.

Scholt Energy Control Scholt was founded in 2005 and markets and sells energy and energy-related services to business customers in Belgium and Holland. Among the services offered are portfolio management, energy development and construction of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power.
Vitec – Business Unit Energy Vitec Energy develops, markets and sells IT systems to utility companies. The systems include a forecasting system for electricity and district heating load, wind and solar power forecasting and GIS & documentation system for electricity and district heating distributors. The business unit has a turnover of approximately 20 million SEK / year and is part of Vitec Software Group AB (publ).

Source: pressrelease Vitec