QAD, a provider of enterprise software and services for global manufacturing companies, announced British Encoder Products Corp. completed its technical upgrade to QAD Enterprise Applications across the enterprise.

According to a release, the industrial manufacturing company decided to upgrade and standardize on a single instance of QAD Enterprise Applications to enhance and align business processes with company strategies.

QAD said it worked closely with British Encoder Products to plan, communicate and manage the upgrade process. Utilizing the QAD Q-Scan diagnostic services, QAD and British Encoder Products reviewed the system configuration to recommend an optimal plan to standardize processes and improve efficiencies.

“An ERP upgrade is a major commitment of IT and business resources,” said Steve Evans, general manager at British Encoder Products. “But the QAD Q-Scan allowed us to clearly see that the upgrade to QAD Enterprise Applications would allow us to unlock far greater value from our ERP system. QAD Global Services delivered the expertise we needed to select the right upgrade path. We understood where we would derive the most value and created a very comprehensive upgrade plan.” British Encoder Products completed the upgrade in four months. As a result, British Encoder Products is aligning operations to strategic goals for enhancing service quality. “In less than a month, we’ve already seen the benefits of upgrading to the latest capabilities of QAD Enterprise Applications,” said Evans. “We’re utilizing modern best practices embedded in the system to operate more efficiently while delivering service excellence.” QAD noted that the upgrade to QAD Enterprise Applications is delivering business benefits across British Encoder Products’ daily operations: -New functionality and processes allow greater efficiency and support of best practices across the enterprise in all areas including sales-order processing -A contemporary user interface (UI) promotes user adoption and affects productivity -Better access to data enables rapid, near real-time generation of reports in seconds, down from more than 10 minutes per report with the legacy system -Enhanced visibility into key product information allows British Encoder Products sales and marketing teams to influence customer service levels.

“Our ERP system is a key part of our IT strategy, and also one of our most essential business assets,” said Evans. “QAD Enterprise Applications offers British Encoder Products a solid foundation upon which to drive competitive value today and in the future.” “QAD Global Services is laser-focused on empowering our manufacturing customers, like British Encoder Products, to plan for upgrades that ensure the reliability of mission-critical applications,” said Anton Chilton, senior vice president, Global Services at QAD. “At QAD, our vision is to help our customers align processes to business strategy, operate at peak performance and become a more Effective Enterprise.” QAD is a provider of enterprise applications for global manufacturing companies.