Paul Greenberg doet jaarlijks onderzoek naar de meest belanghebbende CRM oplossingen in de wereld. Op basis van een groot aantal criteria heeft hij de lijst gepubliceerd van die CRM oplossingen die u in de gaten moet houden voor 2013.


The Vendor winners for 2013 are

This was an incredibly difficult set of choices, but ultimately, the revised numbers ruled and the below are the winners. There were mitigating circumstances that affected some of the choices. For example, finalist VirtuOz was acquired by Nuance. That, and because of multiple factors–including some uncertainty on how long it will take to merge cultures; the integration into the Nuance customer base, etc.; and just the plain amount of time it takes to effect a transformation like this–took them out of the running. On the other hand, Eloqua has been a market leader for a long time in the marketing automation/revenue performance management/revenue marketing world (take your pick of names), and will stand strong even as they make the transformation, so they became a winner. Eloqua’s offering will likely remain a strong viable part of Oracle’s portfolio over 2013, and in their case, the time it will take to integrate works to their advantage. For 2014, however, they will be just part of Oracle, and I will treat them as such.

But, as I said, the numbers were revised and some of the choices for finalists didn’t quite have the winner’s mantle in their cards yet. However, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t great companies, just that they need something else to make them the impact champs they are likely to be. A few barely missed–thus the other two categories of awards (more on them later).

This year, Blackbaud barely (and I do mean barely) retained its number one status. Its impact in the non-profit market is even stronger than it was last year (for reasons that will be revealed in its review). To tease you all a bit more, the companies you see in italics are in the top 10 percent of the winners, after Blackbaud (in bold and italics)–and one of them came very close to unseating Blackbaud this year.

Here are the vendor winners in alphabetical order, except for Blackbaud (though I guess that’s obvious, isn’t it?)

  1. Blackbaud
  2. Attensity
  3. Artesian Solutions
  4. BPM Online
  5. Clarabridge
  6. Coveo
  7. Crowdtap
  8. Eloqua
  9. Get Satisfaction
  10. Gigya
  11. Hubspot
  12. Infor
  13. Infusionsoft
  14. Jive
  15. KANA
  16. Lattice Engines
  17. Lithium
  18. Marketo
  19. Microsoft
  20. Moxie
  21. Neolane
  22. NetSuite
  23. Nexj
  24. Nimble
  25. Oracle
  26. Parature
  27. Pegasystems
  29. SAP
  30. SugarCRM
  31. Teradata Aprimo
  32. Thunderhead
  33. Xactly.