“Epicor ERP generates very detailed reports to support strategic decision-making and planning processes. This greatly reduces the risks associated with large projects because it helps us to accurately plan workflows and measure profitability.”
Salman Moin, IT manager Mabani Steel


Since its inception, Mabani Steel has become a preferred designer, fabricator and erector of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PEB). Its factory, located in Ras Al-Khaimah, UAE, is one of the most modern steel fabrication and painting factories in the gulf, supplying PEBs to more than 42 countries in the Arabian Gulf, Africa, South Asia and the Far East.

Mabani Steel is equally owned by Al Rajhi Holding and Engineer Raed Al Mashal. Al Rajhi is one of the 10 largest business groups in the Middle East, and Raed Al Mashal is a prominent businessman. The company is managed by a team of professionals who have vast experience in all aspects of PEBs and are committed to a customer-centric approach to all areas of its business guaranteeing quality, reliability, innovation and ethical practices.

Mabani Steel’s plant at Ras Al-Khaimah is spread over an area of 124 000 sq metres. It houses state-of-the-art facilities centred on functionality and efficiency. It has the capacity to manufacture and supply:

* Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PEBs)
* Hot rolled steel structures
* Structural steel products
* Building accessories

Mabani Steel is recognised by consultants, contractors and project owners as a company that promptly responds to queries, pays careful attention to detail and offers short lead times.

Exclusive ERP requirements

Due to the sheer size of Mabani Steel’s operation and its impeccable reputation within the steel fabrication industry, there is no room for compromise when it comes to selecting the most comprehensive and versatile enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

When Mabani Steel began the process of selecting a new ERP system, the accuracy and detail of its reporting capabilities were key focus areas because of their importance in decision making and strategic planning. It also became apparent that during the quoting process large projects seemed profitable, however, once put into practice, this would be quite the opposite. To remove the risk from taking on large processes and to improve profitability, Mabani Steel requires a system that offers the best fit for the PEB industry. This has a direct effect on the profitability of projects and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Once production starts, the automation of processes and the optimisation of resources are crucial to plan and manage workflow and accurately allocate inventory, to keep to budgets and deadlines.

Without an effective ERP system in place that offers the functionality to meet these very specific criteria, it is almost impossible to streamline operations, keep up with customer demand and adhere to vital scheduling plans, ensuring delivery on time, every time. With these objectives in mind, Epicor ERP was the only choice for Mabani Steel. Other leading ERP options simply did not offer the same functionality, nor did they meet Mabani Steel’s specific ERP requirements.

Epicor bolsters growth

For Mabani Steel, growth is dependent on many factors. Having detailed and accurate reports at executive managements fingertips supports decision-making and makes it possible to measure all areas of the business while making it possible to effectively manage projects from the outset.

“Epicor ERP generates very detailed reports to support strategic decision-making and planning processes. This greatly reduces the risks associated with large projects because it helps us to accurately plan workflows and measure profitability,” says Salman Moin, IT manager.

“The risk associated with large projects is minimised because we now carry out accurate projections and can establish immediately if we are making good margins or not. This has boosted our profitability and growth,” adds Moin.

Automating processes means that Mabani Steel can redirect resources to other areas of the business. An example of this is when the Bill of Materials automatically retrieves data from the drawing or CAD file and uploads into Epicor ERP. Before the implementation of Epicor ERP, this was done manually, which took far too long and required many man hours.

Unique features of Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP boasts unique functionality that other leading ERP systems simply do not offer, making Epicor the perfect fit for companies that ‘engineer to order’, like Mabani Steel. These include:

* On-the-fly part creation which enables the user to add the items required for fabrication at speed and as they are required for the task, or project, at hand.
* Bill of Material creation made up of more than 1 000 items can be created in one go without creating an item master.

The implementation

Epicor offered unwavering support during the implementation process. “The Epicor implementation team was very professional and did not give up until our system was working to specifications, often working day and night,” says Moin.

Tried and tested

Mabani Steel enjoys significant growth and profitability as a result of the precise reporting capabilities provided by Epicor ERP. This makes it possible for executive management to streamline operations and carry out accurate strategic planning. Now ‘budget vs. actual’ reporting is very precise and the maximisation of resources is guaranteed. Complete process automation means that Mabani Steel has cut back on time wastage caused by manual reporting. This results in shorter lead times, greater profitability and improved long-term growth.

Success highlights
Challenges and opportunities

* Industry calls for very specific ERP system
* Old system no longer fulfils needs
* Requires a project and fabrications solution to manage projects and work order
* Looking to automate processes and cut back on unnecessary resources
* System must support multiple geographical locations
* Requires superior reporting to facilitate strategic decision-making

Why Epicor?

* Proven system that meets Mabani Steel’s very specific ERP requirements
* Offers project model and workflow management
* Generates detailed reports to support precise decision-making
* Automates processes and streamlines operations


* Precise reporting to support strategic decision-making
* Streamlined operations
* More accurate calculations on margins and materials
* Process automation means reduction in man hours
* Helps to establish efficient work flow and assists with project management

Bron: CIOZone