ERP Software GreentreeAfter extensive research and development, leading ERP software provider Greentree International has unveiled its strategic product direction.

Presenting: The Greentree Web3D Project

It’s all the advanced functionality and credibility that Greentree delivers now, re-factored for delivery on any device within a platform-agnostic, high-performance, cloud-friendly environment. Greentree will be progressively rolling out these new capabilities, starting later in 2014.

The Web3D Project will leverage the enhanced capabilities of high-resolution graphics, touch frameworks, pluggable applets (eg: Google Maps), multimedia, and powerful devices with in-built capabilities, such as GPS, cameras and scanning, to deliver a brilliant new user experience. Numerous customer testimonies support Greentree’s existing user-friendliness, and the Web3D Project takes it even further.


The Web3D Project has involved painstaking research aimed at providing an innovative and long-term ERP solution, not something that risks becoming obsolete within a couple of years. Greentree’s research has been focused on sustainability, where the customer has the freedom to use multiple platforms and devices, without the fear that their major technology investment may have a limited life span.

“Modern ERP systems are recognised for the complex functionality they deliver and the massive volumes of data they have to handle today,” says Product Director Steve Sims. “To deliver Greentree in the new web-based environment, we’ve assembled an amazing development team, with origins stretching from San Francisco to Invercargill. Collectively they have decades of domain experience.”

Greentree’s reputation in research and development also earned it an ongoing multi-million dollar grant from Callaghan Innovation, a stand-alone government entity established to accelerate commercialisation of innovation by firms in New Zealand.


Clients are already using Greentree through secure Cloud connections, and the result of the Web3D Project will work perfectly on-premise, in the Cloud, or in a combination of both. Customers will have complete control over this. It will also offer increased connectivity to users anywhere who have access to a web browser. Existing Greentree customers already know how operationally friendly it is, and none of that will change.


Adopting the new iteration of Greentree is also going to be simple for the customer, building upon their existing investment. Greentree has named its customer strategy “SoftLanding”. It’s aimed at offering mid-sized businesses the best new technologies for forward progress, while ensuring that they’re not constantly disrupted by technological upheaval. Greentree has worked hard to ensure that when it brings new technologies into the mix, they will co-exist with the business’s current investment.

“For existing Greentree users, it means they can be confident that Greentree will continue to be delivered in a way that’s going to enhance their current investment, not undermine it,” says Greentree’s CEO, Peter Dickinson. “The Web3D Project is more than an update – it’s taking Greentree users to the next generation while retaining all the capabilities in which they’ve already invested.”

“Businesses contemplating a new ERP software can buy Greentree now with the confidence that it will solve their problems today, and continue to do so in the future. There’s no reason to hold back in the fear that purchasing today will mean obsolescence tomorrow.”

The Web3D Project confirms Greentree’s position as one of the most innovative yet stable software vendors in the ERP space. It continues the remarkable evolution that dates back to the 1980s, and the outstanding success of the Greentree product from 1999 to the present day.


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