AgilePoint_BPMSAgilePoint, de BPMS oplossing waarbij eindgebruikers direct zonder IT-kennis bedrijfsprocessen kunnen automatiseren al dan niet met gebruikmaking van SharePoint, introduceert een gratis Cloud-oplossing “AgilePoint Genesis”.


Why limit yourself to SharePoint workflows? With significantly less effort, AgilePoint’s critically acclaimed BPM solution simplifies the creation of end-to-end business processes capable of connecting with legacy systems with point-and-click ease.

Beyond creation, AgilePoint also helps promote an advanced culture of Continuous Process Improvement by enabling the business community to change, migrate, and adapt running processes with ZERO interruption.

As a result, AgilePoint customers have reached unprecedented levels of control and managability and are now able to:

  • Create mission critical workflows without IT dependency
  • Adapt running processes to manage unexpected exceptions
  • Leverage familiar Microsoft technologies to enable rapid adoption
  • Upgrade SharePoint without having to refactor existing workflows and incur costly service disruptions

The technology is proven. The analyst agree. Join the BPM revolution today and get started with your FREE version of AgilePoint Genesis