Agilepoint BPMSLow-code BPM leader’s CEO compares looming legacy-code problem to Y2K crisis

AgilePoint, the global leader in Responsive Application Platform software (RAP), chose Gartner’s ITxpo 2014 in Orlando, Florida, as an opportunity to highlight the application-modernization problem facing today’s organizations, which, according to AgilePoint’s CEO, Jesse Shiah, requires the same level of attention and urgency as the Y2K crisis.

In an industry-day session, Shiah explained the traditional methodology used by organizations to connect and fill gaps between disparate line-of-business applications:  “The traditional software development paradigm,” stated Shiah, “creates rigid, point-to-point connectivity that has to be continuously maintained as processes evolve and application versions change.” Looking beyond the mere maintenance of these applications, though, Shiah underscored the enormous challenge of modernizing applications for the cloud, mobile devices, and the Internet of Things (IoT).


“Some organizations have thousands of these types of apps, but given the method by which they were created, modernizing them is expensive. Many IT departments simply don’t have the resources for mass conversion initiatives, and, instead, have to focus on just a few of the most important projects.  The first steps to application modernization,”  “are to stop creating these types of applications and begin creating applications that are much less likely to become legacy.”

As a solution to the problem, Shiah prescribed AgilePoint’s Responsive Application Platform (RAP), a technology that facilitates integrations across line-of-business apps via a 100-percent services-oriented architecture; a metadata abstraction framework that enables non-programmers to manipulate complex, coded objects; and a model driven approach that facilitates the design and deployment of responsive applications.

“With RAP, AgilePoint apps are the connectivity between other systems, and they’re self-adaptive to process changes and to version upgrades—everything from SharePoint and Office 365 to CRMs, SAP, and financial systems.”

AgilePoint was recently recognized by Forrester as a leader in the low-code BPM space and by CIO Review magazine as a top 100 Microsoft Solutions Provider. AgilePoint’s Responsive Application Platformoffers productivity breakthroughs with enterprise-class robustness and scalability. AgilePoint supports flexible deployment options for on-premise, cloud-based BPM, PaaS, and hybrid installations. AgilePoint, likewise, enables enterprise BPM for Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, Dynamics CRM, and SalesForce.

Source: AgilePoint