Oudenaarde, Belgium, March 21, 2013 – AgilePoint (http://www.agilepoint.com), a leading developer of .NET-based Business Process Management (BPMS) solutions, announced that it is forging a new partnership with Atena, a systems integrator located in Poland. Atena will now implement and resell the AgilePoint BPM Suite to their customer base in Poland.


Atena is currently the most active Polish systems integrator with Microsoft SharePoint as its core platform. “Our customer base demands the highest quality solutions that deliver sustained benefits and are looking for innovative BPM solutions to cover their needs”, says Michal Bojko, Software Development Manager at Atena.


Accordingly, Atena was looking to meet its customer requirements with an innovative and robust enterprise-class solution that allows its customers to leverage familiar Microsoft tools such as Visio, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, etc. In particular, Atena customers are looking beyond structured workflow automation and are increasingly interested in true process management capabilities, such as run-time adaptations to reduce the cost in handling exceptions as well as being able to adapt to changing customer needs.  We believe that the partnership with AgilePoint will allow us to meet the business expectations of our clients along with providing the highest quality of software and service delivery,” he also states.


“We are very pleased to have a Poland-based partner like Atena,” said Hans Hantson, Business Development Manager for AgilePoint EMEA. “Like us, they are focused on making their customers more productive. The AgilePoint BPMS suite brings a lot of value to the table as it greatly simplifies the automation and continuous improvement of business processes, regardless of if they are functional workflows or end-to-end cross functional core business processes. AgilePoint is based on the latest .NET technology and exposes open interfaces including Web services, WCF, and RESTful, therefore  aligning particularly well with the vision of Atena,” he also states.


By engaging in this exciting partnership, the two leading organizations will combine their shared knowledge and technical expertise to bring the most innovative, collaborative, BPM-driven solutions to the market.


About Atena


Atena, which began by specializing in information systems for the insurance market, is now poised to play a significant role as a specialist in the Polish market for the integration and implementation of comprehensive IT solutions for large companies in key sectors of the economy. Atena received the prestigious Gazela Biznesu (Business Gazelle) award for three consecutive years beginning from 2009 and it has also been included in the Diament Forbesa (Forbes Diamond) ranking for companies most rapidly increasing their value. Atena is a rapidly growing employer in the Pomerania region. The number of employees has tripled over the period between 2007 to 2012 and now stands at 520. The company has twice won the Laur Pracodawcy Roku (Employer of the Year Award), and in 2012, it was the only Polish company to receive the title of European IT Workplace of the Year. Acknowledging the importance of innovation in the IT sector, Atena has not only founded LogisferaNova, an R&D company, but has also remained consistently active in building cooperation with outstanding specialists and experts who are recognized by world leaders such as Microsoft, SAP and IBM. In 2007 the company’s turnover was below PLN 30 million, by 2010 it had doubled and in 2012 it exceeded PLN 130 million. This is the result of pursuing a consistent strategy based on product and market diversification.


About AgilePoint


Founded in 2003 and privately held, AgilePoint is an innovative developer of Business Process Management (BPM) solutions that enable companies to quickly and cost-effectively optimize operating efficiency as well as profitability. By automating business processes, AgilePoint makes essential information more accessible to employees so they can manage mission-critical projects and applications. These strengths allow companies to enjoy improved operations due to a combination of best practices, subject matter expertise, and other critical models that are incorporated into an easily functional system.


AgilePoint has offices in North America (Headquartered in the US in Mountain View, California, Asia Pacific (Taiwan, China, Japan) and EMEA (Belgium HQ EMEA, Spain).


For more information about AgilePoint, please visit http://www.agilepoint.com