2013 IT Market Trends And Predictions

Last year we delivered the 2012 IT Market Trends and Predictions. Now, we are pleased to deliver the 2013 IT Market Trends and Predictions from industry and financial analysts.

The attached market trends are summarized by SAP’s five market categories with an additional focus on social, business networks, and emerging markets.

Key highlights for 2013 include:

  • IT and Software (SW) growth is accelerating, with enterprises spending $65 billion on industry specific solutions. This spending will occur despite the worldwide GDP growth falling in 2013 (IT growth: 3-6%; SW growth: 6.4-6.9%; GDP growth: 2.6-2.9%)
  • Mobile, Social, Actionable Analytics, Big Data, and Cloud lead the analysts’ top five predictions in the 2013 Market Trends. Thus correlating with SAP’s areas of innovation.
  • Application integration spending will increase over the next 3 years by 33%. In 2013 for applications, there will a focus on strong user experiences and they will be designed for industries, with the highest spending in healthcare, utilities, oil and gas, and mining.
  • Mobility will be this years top trend as identified by 5 of the top research firms. will move beyond BYOD in the enterprise into areas like M2M and mobile collaboration.
  • Analytics will see in increase to 54% of users actively using mobile BI in 2013, compared to 20% in 2012. Adoption will be driven by usability, relevance, and speed as “Big Data” meets social.
  • As the Cloud market expands, integration, platform, and services will be pivotal. And in 2013, 90% of consumer connected devices will have access to the personal cloud.
  • Database & Technology will see “Big Data” evolve into mainstream. The U.S. government “big data deployments” will grow by 30%.
  • Social technologies will proliferate in the enterprise, while networked supply chains become a critical part of B2B collaboration, and emerging markets continue to be a growth engine focusing on key industries and leveraging key innovations such as mobility

Check out this SAP slideshare presentation to learn more about the data supporting the 2013 IT Market Trends and Predictions. You’d be astonished at some of these facts!


Bron: SAP