E-invoicing is a swiftly evolving practice encompassing the replacement of paper invoices with fully electronic processes. A thriving industry of service providers has developed to provide or support businesses with adequate and compliant e-invoicing (and other e-business document) services, and the European Institutions and Member States of the European Union have identified e-invoicing as a public policy priority based on the Digital Agenda for Europe, and as a key component of more efficient and environmentally friendly business processes.

A group of 14 leading Dutch and Finnish e-invoicing and accounting providers have started ‘SimplerInvoicing’, a network of cooperating service providers. SimplerInvoicing aims to improve the oprations of senders and receivers of e-invoices so that mass adoption can be achieved. This means that e-invoicing will become generic for consumers, small/medium/large business and governments. Just as common as telephone, post and email are functioning today.

The innovative approach of SimplerInvoicing is to unite two apparently different worlds: the world of e-invoicing providers where compliant outsourcing of the invoicing process is the main activity and the fast growing world of ‘email pdf’. In the latter world both the sender and receiver take responsibility for their own compliancy towards the tax authority. By bringing these two worlds into one network, ubiquitous reach can achieved. Anyone can reach anyone, irrespective of his service provider or his type of service provider. The creation of SimplerInvoicing is sponsored by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

SimplerInvoicing participants share a common vision and a commitment to foster large scale adoption of e-invoicing based on the following principles:

  • Is based on an inclusive paradigm, serving consumers and businesses of all sizes and industries, including micro-SMEs, SMEs, corporates, and governments (Trading Entities)  both in sending and receiving roles;
  • Takes into account existing business processes already implemented by these Trading Entities. This way the SimplerInvoicing solution leverages the business processes of existing service providers active in this domain, including e-invoicing service providers and vendors of ERP and accounting software (Software Solution) or other software vendors in this domain to the mutual benefit of all involved parties;
  • Is based on a 4-corner model, facilitating interoperability between e-invoicing service providers, between Software Solutions and e-invoicing service providers and between different Software Solutions participating in SimplerInvoicing;
  • Respects the difference in business model between a software vendor and an e-invoicing service provider by allowing them to participate in SimplerInvoicing under the conditions that fit their business model whilst preserving their mutual benefit;
  • Is based on a multilateral agreement structure that enables new Participants to engage in SimplerInvoicing without having to engage into numerous bilateral agreements with all other parties involved;
  • Is compliant with the applicable tax regulation in the European area. This way SimplerInvoicing supports the vision and implementation of public policy towards compliant e-invoicing, and promotes full automation of the invoicing process.

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